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Disco Fox

Disco Fox

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The Style
Disco Fox can be danced uniformly without changes of the speed, but also with living rotations to all sides. Solo rotations under the raised hands of the partner bring momentum into the dance. The gentleman gives the leadership impulses, while its partner twirls to and fro.

The Rhythm
Disco Fox is danced in 4/4-time. For a step respectively 1 or 2 tact parts are required, according to the speed of the tact blows.

Past and Present

In the beginning of the seventies Disco Fox / Disco Swing evolved from Foxtrot. In Germany a shortened form of Foxtrot came into being named Beat-Fox or Swing-Fox, which was danced to figures from Boogie and Swing. Later on, when Disco Fox made its way in the eighties, Disco Fox evolved to a self-standing dancing style. Many dancing figures were taken over from other dances, that made Disco Fox a versatile and popular dance.

Hustle is a variant of Disco Fox which in Germany came into existence as "Philadelphia-Rock" ("Philly Sound") in 1974. As Disco Fox reminds of former "Schieber" and of Swing, the basic steps of Hustle are identical to the arrangement of taps and steps for Double-Rock. However, the dance feeling is quite different, just because it is danced to different music. After Disco Fox having caused a Hustle fever in New York the dancing professionals soon wanted to integrate more complicated curling figures and fast turns, what was much easier in Latin-Hustle.